Murari Sweets: A Sweet Journey Through Time


Our Timeless Legacy

In the heart of India, in the bustling state of Uttar Pradesh, a man named Shri Murarilal Sethji was born. Shri Murarilal Sethji was a man of humble beginnings, but he had a dream. A dream that would take him far from his hometown of Khurja to the vibrant city of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. In 1915, he set up a small shop, selling traditional Indian sweets like Halwa and Pakoda. His sweets were not just food items; they were a taste of home for many and a new, delightful experience for others. This was the beginning of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets.

Shri Murarilal Sethji’s son, the late Shri Devidoss, inherited not just his father’s business but also his passion for sweets and savories. He expanded the brand and introduced a dish that would become a signature offering of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets: the Dry Jamun. This sweet delicacy became a sensation, and Kumbakonam Murari Sweets became a household name.

The legacy of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets was then passed on to the next generation, Mr. D. Arun Kumar. He had a vision of transforming the small sweet shop into a culinary destination. He expanded the business in and around Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvarur, and Kumbakonam, introducing a variety of dishes, including chat items and Chinese cuisine. Kumbakonam Murari Sweets was no longer just a sweet; it was a restaurant where families could gather and enjoy a wide range of vegetarian dishes.

But the vision of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets extended beyond food. They believed in giving back to the community, and so they launched a children's play school named Edify School. This initiative showed their commitment to the growth and development of the community.

New Generation Visionaries of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets

Today, the grandsons of the late Shri Devidoss, Mr. Akash Agarwal and Mr. Vikas Agarwal, are at the helm of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets. They represent the new generation, carrying forward the legacy of their great-grandfather. They have ambitious plans for the future. They aim to modernize the brand with new branding and packaging, introduce a range of new products, and expand their business to include exports. They envision taking the taste of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets to every corner of the world.

Local to Global: Kumbakonam Murari's Journey Ahead

This is the story of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets, a journey that began with a small sweet shop and has grown into a brand that is loved by many. It is a story of tradition, taste, and a dream that continues to grow with each generation. As we look forward to the future, we are excited to see where this sweet journey will take us next.

It’s your legacy, Start Living it.

A touch of goodness is added to each bite as we are preparing our special sweets with abundant love.