Our Story

Late Shri Murari Lal Sait - Founder

Kumbakonam Murari Sweet, the famous sweet shop at Kumbakonam was started by the Founder Late Shri Murari Lal Sait who belonged to a small town of Khurja in Western Uttar Pradesh.

Late Shri Devidoss - Chairman

Later the shop was succeeded by the Chairman Late Shri Devidoss for several years and now his son Mr.D.Arun Kumar , Managing Director of Kumbakonam Murari Sweet, undertakes the tradition of making high quality sweets and savories.

Mr.D.Arun Kumar - Managing Director

Over the years the sweet shop has gained reputation for its quality and unchanged taste not only in Kumbakonam but also in entire Tamil Nadu.It has become a major crowd puller in Kumbakonam. Under the leadership Of MR D.ARUN KUMAR, they were the first to start the Fast food sections in their shops which could accompany 32 memebers provided with greater ambience which has now become a major hangout spot for the families and youngsters in the town.Kumbakonam Murari Sweet has its head office at Kumbakonam and branch offices at Mayiladuthurai and Thiruvarur.The brand of Kumbakonam Murari Sweet has grown so much so that they have also started a successful venture in the field of restaurants named ‘Hotel Sree Murari’ serving both South Indian and North Indain Vegetarian foods.


MR A. Aakash Agarwal

MR A. Vikash Agarwal